NEWS: My debut as a writer for ‘Ballet Papier’, June 2014


My invitation to be a writer for Ballet Papier


Dance writing takes centre stage on this website because I am keen to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with interested readers.

Having an online presence (and nurturing it by working hard to ensure the content I publish is as entertaining and informative as possible) instantly connects me to a global network of dance lovers. My contribution to the worldwide conversations on dance may only be small but I do have a voice and it is starting to be recognised.

Simply put, I write to be read and an exciting new collaboration with Ballet Papier means even more opportunities to write about dance!


Ballet Papier Passion illustration. Six ballerinas, of diverse ethnicities, each wearing a tutu costume in a different colour.


Ballet Papier is a decorative arts brand created by artist María La Placa (Berenice).

The range includes drawings, greeting cards, notebooks and T-shirts all featuring detailed motifs of dancers. Characters from the world’s favourite narrative ballets are depicted throughout the collection and there are also plenty of other enchanting, inspiring and fun designs to choose from.

Ballet Papier can trace its roots back to 1992 when María La Placa began drawing ballerinas for her daughter, Ambar Gavilano. These illustrations proved popular and developed into a small family business in Barcelona (María adopted the alter ego Berenice to allow her to separate her artistic styles). Now, Ballet Papier is a brand with a worldwide fan base and an ambition to unite dance lovers.

After making a purchase from Ballet Papier and experiencing fantastic customer service, I wrote a review. Thanks to social media Berenice and I stayed in touch and, in April 2014, I was asked to become a part of Ballet Papier as a writer for the brand’s blog.

Of course, I enthusiastically agreed! Berenice and Ambar hope to firmly establish the brand as a wonderful dance and art world. The blog will play an important role in this as the place where visitors can go to discover all sorts of information on dance (including dance history, short biographies on famous dancers, facts about dance and useful tips for dancers).

The Ballet Papier Blog launched on 28 May 2014 with my post on legendary prima ballerina Anna Pavlova.


Ballet Papier Never Give Up. Odette illustration.


As famous in her day as a contemporary pop star, Pavlova was totally committed to ballet and has a near-mythical status as the dancer who propelled the art form into the 20th Century.

She inspired audiences to embrace ballet and her legacy continues to provide aspiration – hope and ambition to achieve and improve – for dancers worldwide.

Georgina Butler for Ballet Papier


The phrase 'Thank you Ballet Papier' displayed in a font that looks like handwriting.



Georgina Butler is an editor, a dance writer and a ballet teacher.

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