NEWS: Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it – August 2014


Introducing my simply stunning new logo…


georginabutler dance writer logo


Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor so, having formed a creative collaboration with decorative arts brand Ballet Papier by Berenice, I was thrilled when artist María La Placa (Berenice) arranged to use her considerable talents to design me a unique illustration.

I am extremely excited to share the beautiful bespoke picture she has drawn of me!

This gorgeous image captures key physical attributes (my short hair and blue eyes) and includes pretty hues of my favourite colour. The attention to detail is marvellous (those sheets of paper have actual words on) – and just look at my fabulous feather quill pen!



♥ Thank you Berenice and Ballet Papier ♥




Dancing and writing both give me the freedom to be myself and focus my determination and passion into worthwhile pursuits. Berenice is just one of the many inspirational and talented people I have been fortunate enough to discover, speak to and write about. Her charming products and creative zeal make Ballet Papier a wonderful world to be a part of 

I invest time and effort into the pieces I write and endeavour to engage readers with my reviews, interviews and features. When writing, I always aim to entertain, enthuse and educate.

Please do visit the Ballet Papier blog and explore to read more of my work.






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