NEWS: Happy Halloween, 31 October 2016


Let your dreams be bigger than your fears this Halloween


As darkness falls this evening, it is time to celebrate all things supernatural. While I am not an advocate of too much hocus-pocus and dislike anything very terrifying, the fun costumes and imaginative ideas indulged in at Halloween appeal to me as a dancer and writer.

Ballet Papier artist Berenice always has some magical treats in store for a special occasion and, this year, she has surprised fans with a spellbinding Halloween video. Featuring ballerinas dressed as black cats and a coven of good witches on broomsticks, the mini movie is a sweet spook-tacular.

You’ll be frightfully disappointed if you miss out on viewing her wonderful wizardry – particularly as the film features yours truly, Georgina Butler, as the leading black cat!


'The Lead Black Cat' illustration for Georgina Butler by Ballet Papier artist Berenice Bercelli ( An illustration of Georgina dressed in a black tutu costume, black tights and black ballet shoes. She is wearing a black headdress in the shape of cat ears and a black tail can be seen trailing from the back of her tutu. She is standing en pointe on one leg, with her hands and arms covered in long black gloves and held out as if her hands are paws. The purple background of the illustration depicts curtains like those that frame a stage. A line of ballerinas, also dressed as cats, stands behind Georgina, who is centre-stage and dancing in the warm glow of a spotlight. Four bats are flying around above the ballerinas. The words 'Ballet Papier' are written at the top of the illustration.


The black cat is an iconic Halloween symbol and has long served as an object of superstition. Throughout history, all cats have been associated with the occult. This is notably as a result of their nocturnal nature and stealth. After all, even the cutest kitty will silently sneak around when stalking their prey at night.

It is most often the black cat that graces our Halloween decorations because the colour black has always been associated with evil due to our ancestors’ fear of the night. Nonetheless, although the black cat possesses a less than favourable reputation and has traditionally represented bad luck, nowadays here in the United Kingdom it is considered to be good luck when a black cat crosses your path.

Cats are agile, flexible, powerful, speedy and graceful. They are curious, playful, intelligent, independent and always land on their feet. Felines are fabulous and I definitely feel very lucky to be Ballet Papier’s top cat!


Happy Halloween. Ballerina as a witch on a broomstick, a Ballet Papier illustration.


Happy Halloween. Ballerinas dressed as witches, a Ballet Papier illustration.




The phrase 'Happy Halloween' displayed in a font that looks like handwriting.


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Georgina Butler is an editor, a dance writer and a ballet teacher.

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