Ballet Papier products featuring words by Georgina Butler


A creative collaborator for Ballet Papier.


I am privileged to be a writer for the Ballet Papier brand, and sometimes even a muse for Berenice’s beautiful illustrations!

As a creative collaborator, my words (and occasionally my image) are featured throughout the Ballet Papier product range, blog and social media channels.




Ballet Papier: Ballet Étoiles notebooks (12 different characters)



The Ballet Papier Ballet Étoiles collection is inspired by the characters featured in the classic narrative ballets.

This collection is your opportunity to meet Ballet Papier’s Ballet Étoiles – a cast of charming characters whose stories I was invited to write.


The Ballet Étoiles:

Ambar (co-creator of Ballet Papier); Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty); Coppélia;

Esmeralda (La Esmeralda); Gamzatti (La Bayadère); Giselle;

Kitri (Don Quixote); Lilac Fairy (The Sleeping Beauty); Odette (Swan Lake);

Odile (Swan Lake); Raymonda; Stella (a young ballet apprentice).








Ballet Papier: Balanchine’s Jewels notebook



The Ballet Papier Jewels collection was created in celebration of choreographer George Balanchine‘s sparkling production, 50 years since the ballet was premiered.

This notebook features facts about the ballet.






Ballet Papier: Anna Pavlova notebook



The Ballet Papier Pavlova collection is inspired by the legendary ballerina Anna Pavlova.

This notebook features biographical information and fascinating facts about Pavlova.








Ballet Papier: The Red Shoes notebook



The Ballet Papier The Red Shoes collection is inspired by the iconic film.

The notebook features my plot summary and extracts from my review of Matthew Bourne’s production.








Ballet Papier: The Nutcracker collection



The Ballet Papier Nutcracker collection features an illustration of me as the Dewdrop Fairy, starring in the Ballet Papier Company‘s paper dolls production of The Nutcracker.

Although these mugs and mini notebooks do not showcase my writing, I assisted with the on-screen words that help to guide viewers through the Ballet Papier movie.


'Dewdrop Fairy' illustration by Ballet Papier artist Berenice Bercelli. An illustration of Georgina dressed in a gauzy silver costume, with wings, as the Dewdrop Fairy in The Nutcracker. She is wearing a silver tiara and performing a grand jeté – a broad, high leap with one leg stretched forward and the other stretched out behind, like doing the splits in the air. Six other ballerina characters, dressed as the Flowers in The Nutcracker, can be seen at the bottom of the illustration, underneath the flying Dewdrop Fairy.






Ballet Papier: Comic books



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The Ballet Papier comic books feature characters from the Ballet Étoiles collection.

I edited (developmental editing, copy-editing and proofreading) this series of full-colour comics about what happens at the Ballet Papier Academy. I also provided synopsis text for use on blurbs and in marketing.






As a dancer and creative person, I very much admire and appreciate Georgina Butler’s talent for writing.

She is able to transport you to each of the shows she reviews through her words. I’ve enjoyed so much many dance pieces I haven’t seen yet by imagining them through her writing.

I feel very pleased to say she’s an invaluable part of the Ballet Papier team.


Ambar Gavilano

Co-Creator and General Manager, Ballet Papier









Georgina Butler is a talented writer who has perfectly combined her two passions: dancing and writing.

She is able to make you feel part of the dance world, even if you’re not a dancer!

Her writing is meticulous yet at the same time fresh, since she has a great sense of humour! That’s why I feel very comfortable to combine my art with her words.


Berenice La Placa

Creator and Art Director, Ballet Papier





*Featured videos are by Ballet Papier and Ballet Papier Japan (Lily Sayuri).


*Featured illustrations are by Ballet Papier and photographs were sourced from the brand’s Instagram feed.