Ballet Papier


Ballet Papier is a decorative arts brand created by artist María (Berenice) La Placa.


I am privileged to be a writer for the brand, and sometimes even a muse for Berenice’s beautiful illustrations!

As a creative collaborator, my words are also featured in an assortment of Ballet Papier products.










Georgina Butler is a talented writer who has perfectly combined her two passions: dancing and writing.

She is able to make you feel part of the dance world, even if you’re not a dancer!

Her writing is meticulous yet at the same time fresh, since she has a great sense of humour! That’s why I feel very comfortable to combine my art with her words.



Berenice La Placa

Creator and Art Director, Ballet Papier












As a dancer and creative person, I very much admire and appreciate Georgina Butler’s talent for writing.

She is able to transport you to each of the shows she reviews through her words. I’ve enjoyed so much many dance pieces I haven’t seen yet by imagining them through her writing.

I feel very pleased to say she’s an invaluable part of the Ballet Papier team.



Ambar Gavilano

Co-Creator and General Manager, Ballet Papier




Georgina Butler: Dance Writer

Exclusive illustration for Georgina Butler by Berenice Bercelli (



Georgina Butler: Spring Inspiration



Georgina Butler: Dance Teacher



Georgina Butler: Ballet Papier Company



Georgina Butler: Dew Drop Fairy, leading the Waltz of the Flowers in The Nutcracker



Georgina Butler: Dew Drop Fairy in The Nutcracker



Georgina Butler: Happy Halloween



Georgina Butler: The Lead Black Cat



Georgina Butler: A Magical Day



Georgina Butler: Happiness and Generosity



Georgina Butler: Birthday Wishes



Georgina Butler: Miss Georgina Butler, a paper doll



Georgina Butler: Ballet Étoile