Dance Teacher: Feedback








A very special, clever, teacher and person.



Sally Fennemore MBE, adult ballet student.









Georgie is an expert dance teacher, who gives just the right level of correction, teaching of ballet vocabulary and explanation. She copes well with the differing abilities within the class and gives time to support, improve and correct each student, at a pace which is right for them.



Helen Davidge, adult ballet student.









My daughter loves ballet with Miss Georgie. I tried to get her to start doing ballet for years and she was never interested. But since starting classes with Miss Georgie she is really enjoying finding out about ballet and working at getting the movements correct.


Maria Gilmour, mother of 13-year-old student Freya.









My daughter is always full of praise for Miss Georgie as a teacher. There is nothing better than seeing your child coming out of a lesson happy and interested in what she has been learning. It makes me a very happy mum that she is loving ballet with Miss Georgie so much.


Jane Pegram, mother of 13-year-old student Jessica.









Miss Georgie has helped me find my passion for ballet. I love ballet and always will and Miss Georgie has been a massive part of that. She is a lovely teacher and always finds funny and helpful ways to help her students.


Jessica Pegram, 13-year-old student.









Classes with Miss Georgie helped me gain confidence that I have carried through my dance life since I first met her.


Darcy Bull, 17-year-old student.









Miss Georgie has taught me, brought me on and benefited me as a dancer – and not just in ballet but in my disco freestyle dancing as well. Miss Georgie, I would like to say that coming to your class is lovely: thank you for teaching me!


Jude Fullman, 15-year-old student.









I have found a little diamond in Georgie. She has a love for ballet that she passes on to the children. She has a way of encouraging them to do the best that they can and they have blossomed into beautiful dancers who have a wonderful appreciation of the ballet world.

Miss Georgie is a graceful, experienced dancer who has graduated with a First from the Royal Academy of Dance. She has great patience and enthusiasm as well as knowledge. Great teachers are really hard to find but we have been blessed and the kids love, and look forward to, her classes.


Melanie Bull, Principal of Platinum Dance Academy.