Ballet Teacher: Why?


There are plenty of reasons why I enthusiastically pirouetted my way into the dance teaching profession!


As a young dancer, I excelled in Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing examinations. I have since furthered my qualifications by completing a degree in Dance Education and achieving registered teacher status.

I believe that many “life lessons” are learned in a dance class. Ballet classes taught me the importance of listening, learning and working hard from an early age, while also inspiring me to always push myself to reach higher and stretch further (both literally and metaphorically!). Dancers strive to create poetry in motion and attempt to accomplish impossibly idealised positions, movements and combinations of steps. This means individuals who dance are motivated to make the most of their abilities and be the best that they can possibly be.


Photographs of Georgina Butler arranged in a collage. From baby ballerina to Royal Academy of Dance graduate and teacher.


What is truly captivating about dance is its capacity to move performers and spectators. Losing myself in a dance class has always been key to helping me find myself. I know I will feel more grounded – more “me” – afterwards. This is probably because dancing relies on the mind–body connection, which means it is an all-consuming experience. When I’m not dancing myself, seeing other people use movement expressively can be just as powerful; dance is felt by the audience so a performance may evoke emotions, thoughts or memories.

Dance has a role to play in everyone’s life. It improves physical, cognitive and mental health. It nurtures creativity and confidence. It inspires us to connect – with music, with other people and with ourselves. It is fun to watch, learn and perform.



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