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A dance writer for Culture Whisper.

Invited to join this online arts magazine to help Londoners discover dance they will love.


I was asked to join Culture Whisper as a dance writer in January 2015, shortly after the website launched.

Culture Whisper is an influential arts, fashion and lifestyle media platform with a membership service for smart and curious urbanites.

A combined monthly digital audience of more than 200,000 readers access Culture Whisper for high quality journalism that reveals the very best insider knowledge about London’s cultural offerings. More than 40,000 readers subscribe to premium content and receive a newsletter twice a week; while 900 Gold subscribers also receive tickets and invitations each month.

My role as a dance writer for Culture Whisper is to deliver dazzling dance previews and features. These keep readers informed and enthused about productions and events, while also providing commentary on developments in the world of dance.

liaise with company and theatre press officers and event organisers to find out more about dance artists, source images and confirm booking information.












Georgina Butler is one of the mainstays of Culture Whisper’s Dance Section.

She is immensely reliable and knowledgeable and handles a brief well.

She understands deadlines.

Her dance previews are sharp, informative and to the point.

She is a pleasure to work with!



Teresa Guerreiro

Dance Editor, Culture Whisper (*