Georgina Butler photographed outside in a tranquil garden, during a classical ballet photo shoot. She is sideways on to the viewer, in a kneeling swan pose, with an arched back and her gaze directed up to the sky.

REVIEW: ‘Disney’s Aladdin’ – Milton Keynes Theatre, Spring 2024


Disney’s Aladdin is theatrical escapism at its shining, shimmering, splendid best.

It’s crystal clear from the moment this engaging musical begins that audience members of all ages will have their eyes opened wide to the magic of theatre. The show fills seasoned theatregoers with nostalgia for the 1992 animated film, warmly welcomes those who are experiencing live theatre for the very first time and leaves everyone on a powerful high.

Slick direction and captivating choreography accompanied by live music. Mesmerising special effects, genie-us tricks, stunning sets, colourful costumes. Bold banter, sharp humour, slapstick silliness. Cross my heart and a pinky swear: this is an enormously energetic, enchanting and entertaining take on a classic Disney offering.


Disney's Aladdin. Genie (Yeukayi Ushe) poses centre stage, surrounded by female ensemble dancers wafting colourful scarves.


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'Dance Writer' illustration for Georgina Butler by Ballet Papier artist Berenice. An illustration of Georgina dressed in a purple tutu outfit, in prone position with her chin propped up in her left hand, a pen in her right hand and her feet crossed mid-air behind her. There are sheets of paper laid out in front of her and she is writing on one of these sheets of paper.


An editor, a dance writer and a ballet teacher

NEWS: Take flight to a whole new world with ‘Disney’s Aladdin’ – Milton Keynes Theatre, Spring 2024


One lamp and three wishes will make the possibilities infinite when Disney’s Aladdin flies in to enchant audiences at Milton Keynes Theatre for four weeks this spring.

Theatregoers can expect magic, comedy and spectacle from this critically acclaimed Broadway and West End musical, which is touring the UK and Ireland for the very first time. The show is floating in for an extended stay in Milton Keynes, with performances from Wednesday 24 April to Sunday 19 May.

This energetic adaptation of the 1992 animated film has already been seen by over 14 million people worldwide. Now is your chance to experience the hustle and bustle of Agrabah before hopping aboard the magic carpet. Time to escape to a whole new world!


Disney's Aladdin. Aladdin (Gavin Adams) admires the magic lamp in the golden Cave of Wonders.


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Illustration of a laptop, books and a vase of flowers, on a purple background. Illustration by Gaia Leandri.


A qualified, trained and experienced journalist, writer and editor

NEWS: Make a date to see ‘Pretty Woman’ musical – Milton Keynes Theatre, March 2024


Get ready to fall in love with a pretty romantic musical when Pretty Woman visits Milton Keynes Theatre this month.

Once upon a time, in the late 1980s, kind-hearted escort Vivian Ward was hired by wealthy businessman Edward Lewis to accompany him to several high-profile events. Their two very different worlds collided spectacularly, yet these unlikely soul mates overcame all odds to turn a relationship that began as a business transaction into a romance that changed both of their lives forever.

It’s one of Hollywood’s best-loved romantic comedies. Now, theatregoers are being invited to experience classic moments from the movie in a pretty magical new way. We are promised a dazzlingly joyous theatrical take on a timeless love story.


Amber Davies, Oliver Savile and company in Pretty Woman.


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'Dance Teacher' illustration for Georgina Butler by Ballet Papier artist Berenice. An illustration of Georgina dressed in a black leotard and purple ballet skirt, with a graduate's mortarboard hat on her head. She is holding a notebook in her left hand. In her right hand she is holding an old-fashioned bamboo cane (historically used by ballet teachers to demonstrate verticality and correct placement to students).

Ballet Teacher

A first class honours graduate and registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance

(BA (Hons), RAD RTS)

NEWS: Enjoy songwriting trio’s greatest hits in new musical ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ – Milton Keynes Theatre, March 2024


Pop music lovers listen up: the new Stock Aitken Waterman musical, I Should Be So Lucky, visits Milton Keynes Theatre this month.

Get ready to hear the songwriting trio’s beloved chart-toppers like never before in this original British musical, which invites theatregoers to lose themselves in a whirlwind of sun-kissed adventures and iconic pop classics. The show’s powerhouse creative team promises to use the soundtrack of a generation to tell an original story of love, laughter and last-minute getaways.

Ella and Nathan are a star-crossed couple with wedding jitters and tropical dreams. Will their love sail smoothly or are stormy break-ups ahead? Only time and tunes will tell.


Melissa Jacques, Jessica Daley, Jemma Churchill, Kayla Carter, Lucie-Mae Sumner and Scott Paige in I Should Be So Lucky.


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REVIEW: Matthew Bourne’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’ – Milton Keynes Theatre, January 2024


Matthew Bourne’s Edward Scissorhands uses clear-cut narrative dance to tenderly show the value of an outstretched hand.

The whimsical dance–theatre production of Tim Burton’s classic film is delighting audiences at Milton Keynes Theatre this week. Cutting straight to the point, if you are yet to experience a Bourne ballet this ode to acceptance is an especially accessible offering to start with. Chop chop though, performances by Sir Matthew’s New Adventures company inevitably sell out.

Edward Scissorhands is a story that dances between ordinary human happenings and a fantasy existence. Young Edward dies after being struck by lightning while holding a pair of scissors. His distraught father, who is an inventor, devotes himself to bringing Edward back to life. Devastatingly, the dedicated dad suffers a fatal heart attack before he can complete his handiwork and leaves behind a lonely boy who has dangerous blades instead of dexterous fingers.

Kindly townswoman Peg Boggs discovers Edward and invites him to stay with her family in the suburban haven of Hope Springs. However, the well-meaning community struggles to see past Edward’s curious appearance. Will Edward, the ultimate outsider, find his place and gain the residents’ acceptance?


Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands. Kim Boggs (Katrina Lyndon) and Edward (Liam Mower) dance together.


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