Georgina Butler photographed outside in a tranquil garden, during a classical ballet photo shoot. She is sideways on to the viewer, in a kneeling swan pose, with an arched back and her gaze directed up to the sky.

REVIEW: ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ – Milton Keynes Theatre, Christmas 2021


Fee-fi-fo-fum, panto is back at Milton Keynes Theatre and the long-awaited Jack and the Beanstalk is gold-standard entertainment for everyone!

After so many restrictions and changes of direction in the real world, the only way is up (and sometimes around) in this giant pantomime spectacular. Ashley Banjo headlines in the title role and the other members of street dance troupe Diversity play his siblings. This means the dynamic moves on display throughout the show are slick, synchronised and seamlessly integrated into the story.

Pounding music and flashing lights welcome us to the Land of the Giants. Thunderous footsteps reverberate around the auditorium as we are introduced to the villain, Fleshcreep, who does Giant Blunderbore’s bidding. Most of the action then orbits around the Village of Roundybout, home to Jack Trot and his girlfriend, Princess Jill. Later, a foolish exchange involving the Trot family’s cow, Daisy, motivates our panto stars to climb up an enormous beanstalk to Cloudland. Here, daring and defiant, they take on an angry giant.


Jack and the Beanstalk at Milton Keynes Theatre, Christmas 2021. Ashley Banjo as Jack Trot and Diversity as Jack's siblings.


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'Dance Writer' illustration for Georgina Butler by Ballet Papier artist Berenice. An illustration of Georgina dressed in a purple tutu outfit, in prone position with her chin propped up in her left hand, a pen in her right hand and her feet crossed mid-air behind her. There are sheets of paper laid out in front of her and she is writing on one of these sheets of paper.


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NEWS: World Ballet Day 2021, 19 October 2021


Happy World Ballet Day 2021!


Today is World Ballet Day 2021 and this year the celebration is going to be the biggest and best yet.

A record-breaking 51 dance companies, across six continents, are uniting for the eighth edition of the annual online event.

Organised by The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet and The Royal Ballet, World Ballet Day 2021 will highlight the theme of resilience. So, as well as rare access to company classes and rehearsals, there will be interviews and discussions that explore the creativity, determination and passion needed to dance through tough times. All 24 hours of content is being live-streamed for free and viewers are encouraged to get involved on social media.

Whether you are a newcomer to ballet or a lifelong fan, you must seize the opportunity to fill your day with dance!


World Ballet Day 2021 'jump for joy' image of dancer James Large in rehearsal at The Royal Ballet. James is captured mid-leap, with his legs stretching in a split, his right arm extending out to the side and his left arm reaching up to the ceiling.


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Illustration of a laptop, books and a vase of flowers, on a purple background. Illustration by Gaia Leandri.


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REVIEW: ‘Waitress’ – Milton Keynes Theatre, October 2021


Bittersweet romantic comedy musical Waitress exuberantly proves the power of pie without sugar-coating life’s complexities and disappointments.

Protagonist Jenna Hunterson is passionate about baking and dreams up a new pie for every occasion. Trapped in an abusive marriage and living the same day on repeat as a waitress at a diner in a small southern American town, she temporarily escapes by experimenting with pastry.

The therapeutic mixing, kneading, rolling, filling and crimping helps Jenna process her feelings. So, whenever she has too much on her plate, she invents pies inspired by her experiences and anxieties. This means that her fanciful menu features creations such as “My Husband’s A Jerk Chicken Pot Pie”, “Where There’s A Whisk There’s A Way Pie” and “Almost Makes You Believe Again Pie”.

Jenna was introduced to the magic of a well-made pie as a child. Her now dearly departed mother distracted her with sugar, butter and flour to shield her from unhappiness in the family home. Discovering she has her own bun in the oven, Jenna tentatively begins to admit that she has had enough of taking orders from her husband and wants a taste of something else.

With her self-esteem as flat as a pancake, she must look deep inside herself to find the courage to bake a better life.


Lucie Jones as Jenna in Waitress. She is wearing a waitress uniform comprising a pale blue dress with white buttons and a white apron. Jenna is surrounded by four ensemble characters who are each holding two pies and positioning them as if they are floating in the air around Jenna, framing her.


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'Dance Teacher' illustration for Georgina Butler by Ballet Papier artist Berenice. An illustration of Georgina dressed in a black leotard and purple ballet skirt, with a graduate's mortarboard hat on her head. She is holding a notebook in her left hand. In her right hand she is holding an old-fashioned bamboo cane (historically used by ballet teachers to demonstrate verticality and correct placement to students).

Ballet Teacher

A first class honours graduate and registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance

(BA (Hons), RAD RTS)

NEWS: ‘Waitress’ on tour fresh from the West End – Milton Keynes Theatre, October 2021


Discover what baking can do when Waitress serves up a delicious confection of peppy songs, romance, drama and comedy at Milton Keynes Theatre.

The smash-hit show is stopping off in the new city from Monday 4 October as part of its first UK and Ireland tour and musical theatre lovers are in for a treat.

Baked straight from the heart, Waitress tells the story of Jenna, a waitress and pie-maker extraordinaire at a small-town diner, who dreams of a way out of her unhappy marriage. Could the arrival of a hot new doctor and the announcement of a pie-baking contest turn Jenna’s life around?

With the support of her workmates, Becky and Dawn, Jenna faces up to unexpected challenges and finds that laughter, love and friendship are essential ingredients in the recipe for happiness.


Waitress UK Tour promotional image. Lucie Jones as Jenna, Sandra Marvin as Becky and Evelyn Hoskins as Dawn. All three women are wearing a waitress uniform comprising a pale blue dress with white buttons and a white apron.


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REVIEW: The 7 Fingers’ ‘Passagers’ – Milton Keynes Theatre, September 2021


The 7 Fingers convinces us to enjoy the ride in Passagers, an incredible show that combines high-flying circus skills with evocative dance, music and storytelling.

We have all been performing a balancing act during the pandemic. Juggling every aspect of life from home and enjoying the illusion of normality whenever possible. Compelled to avoid physical touch but urged to stay in touch. Dancing alone in small spaces. Watching dance on small screens.

Now, what a thrill it is to be united with other people in a familiar and full auditorium; to be collectively transported by theatre.

The production begins with the cast taking intentional, audible breaths. Attuning themselves to each new moment made possible by this rhythmic activity. Preparing to take our breath away. The train is coming and we are off on the journey of a lifetime.


The 7 Fingers performs Passagers. Circus artists Sabine Van Rensburg and Sereno Aguilar Izzo perform an awe-inspiring trapeze act, hanging upside down above the stage.


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