Royal Academy of Dance


Writing. Dancing.

I had graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, qualified as a journalist and established myself as a dance writer.


Learning. Teaching.

Furthering my knowledge of dance and teaching by studying with a world-renowned dance education institution seemed like a natural next step.


The Royal Academy of Dance

Every time I dance, I turn into a better version of myself. Essentially, dance excites me – whether I am participating in it, watching it or writing about it.

Attaining a place as a student on the Royal Academy of Dance’s BA (Hons) Dance Education programme in 2014 marked the start of a learning experience that equipped me with the skills and understanding to fully appreciate the complexities of dance, art and education. The syllabus covers dance in relation to the disciplines of anatomy, cultural studies, health, history, music, pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, sociology and more. This truly rounded education has enhanced my previously established skill set, ensuring my teaching practice is informed and impassioned.

Being invited to feature as a Dance Education advocate for the Royal Academy of Dance’s 2017 social media campaign ‘Meet the Student’ was a fitting way to celebrate the journey I went on to become a first class honours graduate.

Finding ways to continue my development in dance as a practitioner, teacher and writer is important to me. Working hard is part of my personality – a part that has undoubtedly been nurtured by my involvement in dance! I can’t wait to see where dance (and my work ethic) will take me next.

















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