NEWS: A Christmas treat from Ballet Papier – December 2014


Ballet Papier premieres The Nutcracker this Christmas


Christmas Day is here and Ballet Papier artist Berenice has got the season all wrapped up with the fabulously festive gift she has produced for fans of her work.

Inspired by real dancers from around the world, she has created a unique troupe of paper ballerinas to form the twinkle-toed Ballet Papier Company. After an audition process held via social media to decide the roles, the divinely drawn cast have now made their dazzling debut in an enchanting short movie of The Nutcracker.

Magic is in the air from the moment the curtains open to reveal the first ever paper ballet company in action. This splendid film is a must-see showcase of Berenice’s talents and a wonderful keepsake for all involved.


Christmas. Ballet Papier Nutcracker pas de deux finale

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NEWS: Happy Halloween, October 31st 2014


Ballet Papier artist Berenice has been busy once again. Just look at the purr-fect picture she has drawn of me dressed as a black cat for Halloween. What a treat!


Ballet Papier Georgina Halloween


Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up in a costume and feel supernatural. To celebrate, my latest post for the Ballet Papier blog is all about the superpowers that we ballet dancers share.


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NEWS: World Ballet Day, Wednesday 1st October 2014


Today is World Ballet Day! The day is a global first that will see top ballet companies lift the curtain to offer fans a glimpse into the rehearsal rooms. Meanwhile, the worldwide appeal of dance continues to inspire me.


The hard work, creativity and passion that underpins ballet will be centre stage for all to see today during the first ever World Ballet Day.

This global online event is offering unprecedented access to a regular day at five leading international ballet companies. Fans will go behind-the-scenes at The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and San Francisco Ballet thanks to a live video stream. The collaboration is the first of its kind.

Unsurprisingly, balletomanes everywhere cannot wait to journey from country to country and see a snippet of the backstage lives of their favourite dancers.

Each of the five ballet companies will take it in turns to broadcast live from their headquarters for four hours. Streaming will start at the beginning of the dancers’ day, with class.  The live link will begin in Melbourne with The Australian Ballet, before passing across time zones to visit Moscow. Next we’ll spend time in London, stop off in Toronto and, finally, conclude our day in San Francisco.

As part of this celebration of dance, we will see how vital the daily ballet class is to everyone — from the principal dancers to the corps de ballet members. We will also gain a deeper insight into how the companies’ differing ways of approaching choreography and performance make them unique on the world stage.

Wherever you happen to be in the world, a ballet class follows the same progression of exercises. It begins with focused sequences at the barre before progressing to the more elaborate and explosive routines danced in the centre. Ballet class also demands the same dedication from participants, wherever you dance. Quite simply, you get out of a class what you put into it.


Ballet class illustration by Ballet Papier artist Berenice


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NEWS: Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it – August 2014


Georgina Butler: Dance Writer

Introducing my simply stunning new logo!


georginabutler dance writer logo


Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor so, having formed a creative collaboration with decorative arts brand Ballet Papier, I was thrilled when artist María La Placa (Berenice) arranged to use her considerable talents to design me a unique illustration.

I am extremely excited to share the beautiful bespoke picture she has drawn of me!

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NEWS: My debut as a writer for ‘Ballet Papier’ – June 2014


My invitation to be a writer for Ballet Papier


Dance writing takes centre stage on this website because I am keen to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with interested readers.

Having an online presence (and nurturing it by working hard to ensure the content I publish is as entertaining and informative as possible) instantly connects me to a global network of dance lovers. My contribution to the worldwide conversations on dance may only be small but I do have a voice and it is starting to be recognised.

Simply put, I write to be read and an exciting new collaboration with Ballet Papier means even more opportunities to write about dance!



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