Writer for Ballet Papier


Writer, collaborator and ambassador for Ballet Papier, a ballet-themed decorative arts brand.


Ballet Papier can trace its roots back to 1992 when artist María La Placa began drawing ballerinas for her daughter, Ambar Gavilano. These illustrations proved to be so popular that María adopted the alter ego ‘Berenice’ to allow her to separate her artistic styles and develop a small family business in Barcelona.

Today, Ballet Papier is a brand with a worldwide fan base and an ambition to unite dance lovers.

The Ballet Papier range includes drawings, greeting cards, notebooks and clothing that feature detailed motifs of dancers. Characters from the world’s favourite narrative ballets are depicted throughout the collection and there are also plenty of other enchanting, inspiring and fun designs to choose from.

After making a purchase from Ballet Papier and experiencing fantastic customer service, I wrote a review. Berenice and I stayed in touch and, in April 2014, I was asked to become a part of team Ballet Papier as a writer for the brand’s blog. The blog launched on 28 May 2014, with my post on Anna Pavlova.


'Ballet Papier Company' illustration for Georgina Butler by Ballet Papier artist Berenice. An illustration of Georgina dressed in a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes, wearing a sparkling gold crown on her head. She is standing in a neatly crossed fifth position, with her arms in bras bas. The pink background of the illustration depicts curtains like those that frame a stage. Four yellow butterflies are gracefully flying around Georgina, who is centre stage. The words 'Ballet Papier Company' are written above her head at the top of the illustration. 'Georgina Butler' is written at the bottom of the illustration, beneath her feet.



Writer and Collaborator


My evolving role as part of Ballet Papier reflects the generosity and talents of both Berenice and Ambar.

Berenice’s beautiful illustrations have combined with Ambar’s dance and social media skills to create a globally recognised brand. As Ballet Papier continues to grow, I am more than a blog writer. I do write blog posts, but I am also an ambassador, a creative collaborator, an editor and, excitingly, a muse!


My contributions include:


  • Writing engaging content for blog posts.
  • Writing informative brand and product descriptions for use in catalogues and on packaging.
  • Providing passages of writing about ballet characters, dancers and productions for use in Ballet Papier products.
  • Editing, proofreading and tone of voice for marketing materials and text used in products.
  • Acting as an English Language consultant for translated marketing materials and communications.
  • Creating challenges on social media to engage the brand’s followers.




As a dancer and creative person, I very much admire and appreciate Georgina Butler’s talent for writing.

She is able to transport you to each of the shows she reviews through her words. I’ve enjoyed so much many dance pieces I haven’t seen yet by imagining them through her writing.

I feel very pleased to say she’s an invaluable part of the Ballet Papier team.


Ambar Gavilano

Co-Creator and General Manager, Ballet Papier




Georgina Butler wearing the black 'Meet Me At The Barre' T-shirt by Ballet Papier. Georgina is wearing the T-shirt over her ballet practice leotard and skirt. She is standing at a ballet barre in a dance studio, with her right hand gently resting on the barre and pointe shoes on her feet. Her left leg is stretched out to the side, high in the air, in a développé à la seconde.




Georgina Butler is a talented writer who has perfectly combined her two passions: dancing and writing.

She is able to make you feel part of the dance world, even if you’re not a dancer!

Her writing is meticulous yet at the same time fresh, since she has a great sense of humour! That’s why I feel very comfortable to combine my art with her words.


Berenice La Placa

Creator and Art Director, Ballet Papier





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